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Any one can learn any language! 

Hi I'm Bronsen 

As a Foreign Language Acquisition Specialist, I help people learn languages through discovering their success formula.  Once you've discovered your own formula for success there is no stopping you from learning any language and achieving everything you put your mind to. 

You will still have to work hard to become fluent  but you will not waste your time in boring classes doing homework that isn't suitable for you for years with no results. 

Like the parable says: 

"Give someone a fish, feed them for a day, help them know how to fish, feed them for a lifetime". 

And thats exactly what we will do. I'm going to help you learn your foreign language successfully and then you'll be set for life. 



Your Foreign Language Acquisition Specialist. 


Session 1 "Your Success Formula" 

About 45 minutes 

In the first session we will get to know you better and unearth the secret strategies to help you on your path to becoming successful. You will get clarity on how you can learn a foreign language efficiently. Even after this one session people are amazed by their results and apply what they learn to many areas in their life.


Session 2 "Your Language Plan"

About 45 minutes 

In the second session together we will go over your entire language history and get to know you more. Then we will build a custom language learning plan that will direct you on your language road map to success. No more trying this class and that book, you'll have your own plan and when you follow that plan daily, you will achieve success in learning a foreign language.

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